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New Apple Keyboard

At the begining of this month Apple inc. releases new iMac's and Keyboards, new iLife 08 and iWork 08. This week I have aquired one of those keyboards. I don't get the wireless model because it hasn't numeric keyboard and I am not a fan of wireless devices. I hate batteries, they finish when more you need them. I think the wire model has a perfect design, but usb connectors can't manage pendrives I think this is negative point, but not tribial. Another thing I don't like is the software keyboard. Apple releases a new update, but it doesn't work, because fourth tab remains gray when you click on it and I can't configure it.


But I supose Apple will solve this issue soon in the next Tiger update 10.4.11.

The design of this keyboard is like the MacBook, there are spaces between buttons I think it's a cleaner design.


Simple ajax tutorial

First time I heard about ajax it seems to be something very complicate, but
it depends on what do you want to achieve.

So there are several ajax libraries like But there are some more simple, I use XHConn library.

Ajax concept is based on XMLHttpRequest() javascript object which let you to load contents on a page without need to reload the entery page.

To develop simple pages using this library is needed XHConn.js and include_to.js files. Then imagine you have an index.php page with a textbox and a button. We want to load content in the textbox in a div.


What's you name?

In the head of the page we have needed libraries. Then in the boby an input text whose id is “name” and a button with an onclick property that contains the include_to function:
First parameter are the variables we send to the server, the second one is the page we send it to, the third is the destination where we load that page and the last is the image loader by default spinner.gif if empty.

Function getValue() in the first parameter returns the value of the element with passed id. In that case it returns the name we set in the input text box.


echo "My name is ".$_POST["name"].".";

This page just echo's the name.

Download example files here.

See it online.

Secure ssh+cvs server with OpenBSD

Last sunday I published a post in Spanish about ssh+cvs with OpenBSD. Today I am pleased to show you, my readers, the English version. I am not a very good writer, but I think the article it's understandable and useful.

I like OpenBSD and I want to contribute to its use with this article. I prefered to write this talking about OpenCVS but may be in the next OpenBSD realease.

If anyone has a doubt don't hesitate to leave it.

Here is the link